hhp VM 9100 RM II HWK

hhp VM 9100 RM II

Just relax!

Flexibility and mobility distinguish the hhp Message System.
With the hhp Message System, you can enjoy your massage wherever you want without any great efforts – in bed, on the Massage System, in your conservatory or on your terrace out in the fresh air - there are no limits.

Energy for the cells
The average person needs to walk at least 10 km a day or engage in one hour of sports activities for energy production and sustaining the energy of the body's cells. Just 100 years ago, people still used to walk at least 10 km a day. Today, this has dropped to a mere 0.365 km on average. Studies, scientific expertises and university publications have proven that the application of the hhp Massage System compensates the loss of energy caused by a lack of exercise. When comparing activities that consume the same energy as the application of the hhp Massage System, the Andullation massage shows clear advantages. Daily use of the hhp Massage System for a period of 15 minutes restores the same energy to the cell as one hour of sports or 2.5 hours of walking.

Prevention – preventing disorders
Illness and the consequences are very stressful for the patient and his direct environment. The hhp Massage System pursues a holistic approach. In medicine, this means man as a union of body, spirit and soul. The hhp massage improves the activity of the body fluids, blood and lymph circulation. This stimulates the metabolism and dissolves waste products in the tissue. This concerns the connective as well as the muscle tissue and the organic tissue. The stimulation of nerves and the blood flow are also improved. This promotes cell division and increases the energy of cells. With these properties, the hhp Massage System has a positive health effect on the human organism.


  • The heart balance pillow (HBP) ensures the optimum elevation of the legs in relation to the position (height) of the heart.
  • Infrared deep heat for the neck and back region
  • LED hand-held control with 16 different medical programs
  • Extendable viscoelastic head part


Andullation massage therapy can benefit pain reduction to the following cases:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Herniated Disc
  • Joint Pain
  • Lumbago
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Circulatory Disorder
  • Lumbar Spine Syndrome
  • Varicose Vein
  • Osteoporosis

Furthermore, it may successfully be used for:

  • Back Pain
  • Recreation after Sports
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Migraines
  • Dis-Stress
  • Additional Treatment of Burnout Syndrome
  • Burning Fat
  • Decubitus Prevention


Laid-out : approx. 1940 x 610 x 85 mm (max. height 150 mm)
Folded : approx. 1000 x 610 x 210 mm

Gross: approx. 9.6 kg
Net: approx. 7.4 kg

Nominal voltage: 12 V DC
Nominal acceptance: approx. 70 W

Power supply unit
Prime: 100-240 V AC/50/60 Hz
Sec: 12 V DV / 6 A

What is Andullation?

Andullation is a specific massage therapy method for generating biological sympathetic vibrations, whereby these sympathetic vibrations can be adapted to the clinical picture or the symptoms by means of a broad and altering frequency range in the sense of a modulated frequency change.

Andullation denotes especially those exciting vibrations applied to different cell tissue of the locomotor apparatus, the muscular and nervous system and the body fluids like blood and lymph. The aim of andullation is to restore the natural metabolic processes, maintain or optimise these. This is realised in the shape of sympathetic vibrations in a broad frequency range. Andullation is a specific therapy method for generating biological sympathetic vibrations in human and animal tissue. Enclosed imbalanced motors with different frequencies are addressed to generate these therapeutically active vibrations. This generates andullation vibrations in special frequency bands. They serve for the targeted activation and stimulation of body fluids with the aim of therapeutic application on the user.

The hhp Massage Systems have been certified as safe medical products under the European law. They have been tested in various scientific studies and are successfully applied by private customers, physiotherapists, physicians and rehabilitation clinics several thousand times around the globe.

Are there side effects?

Oscillating-vibrating massage with infrared heat is a regulative therapy, meaning that it supports and reanimates the body's natural functions. Studies have shown that, with proper use, there are no apparent side effects. Oscillating massage has a pronounced positive effect on the body.

There are no categorical counter indications, although we recommend obtaining the advice of a physician for certain counter indications, such as for persons with electronic implants, pregnant women and patients with acute diseases, before beginning long-term treatment with an oscillating-vibrating massage with infrared heat.

Use is completely pain-free. A temporary increase of symptoms during therapy is the expression of an activation of the metabolism and as such a positive sign.

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Recommendation for customers from Germany

We suggest our customers from Germany to visit Sarindia.de for massage therapy products.

Sarindia.de offers massage therapy systems by hhp (home health products), like hhp Revolution Edition, and smp (swiss medical products), like smp Sana Primus.

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We empfehlen unseren Kunden aus Deutschland die Website Sarindia.de für therapeutische Massagesysteme.

Sarindia.de vertreibt Andullationstherapiesysteme von hhp (home health products), wie z.B. hhp Revolution Edition, oder Massagetherapiesysteme von smp (swiss medical products), wie z.B. smp Sana Primus.